38. Wörtherseetreffen: May 29th - June 1st 2019

38. Wörtherseetreffen: May 29th - June 1st 2019

Dear GTI Meeting fans and friends,

Our ordering system makes it very simple for you to order tickets for the next Meeting. On the following pages you can choose from the different ticket options and order single tickets or tickets for a club or a group of vehicles.

Please note: For organisational reasons, online registration is possible until 3rd April 2018 – then we can print the tickets with the car registration number printed on them and send them by post on time. Of course, all ticket options are also available after 3rd April 2018 directly at the information office at the Meeting or at the entry check points, so you can still join in the fun!

Are you not yet sure which car you’ll be driving to the Meeting, so you’re not able to give the car registration number? No problem – you can still order and send the car registration number later – by 3rd April 2018 at the latest, together with the booking number.

This ticket ordering process is concluded with a booking confirmation and payment once all the necessary information has been entered. You can choose from several different methods of payment and receive a booking number, which you must keep for future reference.

After ordering, you have the option of printing either an “I-Can’t-Wait ticket” or “Gift ticket” on A4, until the original tickets arrive by post.

Important Information

How to order:

Select tickets
Enter address information
Enter car registration number to be printed on ticket (if not yet known, no problem – just let us know by April 3rd 2019)
Select method of payment
Save or print booking number and confirmation
If desired, print “I-Can’t-Wait ticket” or “Gift ticket”
  Return of the tickets is not possible – terms and conditions of participation (here as pdf) are accepted at the time of purchase. Your data will only be used for ordering the tickets and for information purposes for the Meeting, and not passed on to third parties.
And, of course, we recommend registering for our online newsletter to keep up-to-date with all the special offers, news and Meeting programme!

Note on group registration!

If you would like to register a group of vehicles, you can add more vehicles on the overview page. This group order can be paid for in one payment.

Note on direct debit!

If you are paying by direct debit or electronic debiting, please make sure that your bank account has enough funds over the next 2-7 working days, otherwise you might incur charges.

Participation conditions

With my participation, I recognise the exclusion of liability of the organisers for damages of any kind.

I will not raise any claims for damages or injuries of any kind that I might incur through my participation, neither against the organisers nor the sponsors nor the neighbouring municipalities or their representatives.

I agree that the data given in my registration, as well as photos, films and interviews in radio, television, advertisements, books or photomechanical copies (films, video tapes, etc.) made in connection with my participation may be used without claims for remuneration on my part.

I agree that my data can be used by the organiser (municipality of Maria Wörth) for sending me information.
I affirm that the given data is correct and that I will not pass on my ticket to a third party.

I understand that it is a criminal offence to falsify or duplicate the official participation/entry ticket.

I accept that the organiser reserves the right to exclude me from the event on proven breach of the obligations listed above. (Note in accordance with the Data Protection Act: your data is read by a machine.)

Registration and billing is carried out by MaxFun Sports GmbH for and on account of the organiser!