36. Wörtherseetreffen: Mai 24–27, 2017

36. Wörtherseetreffen: Mai 24–27, 2017

Dear Wörtherseetreffen Friends!

We are glad to present you the register concerning Wörtherseetreffen in Reifnitz.
Therewith you can easily handle your online–registration.
Thereto we ask you to precisely read the entry conditions before.

When all data is recorded, the registration will be completed with your payment. All fields signed with a * are mandatory fields and need to be filled out. The operational number, which is necessary for your registration, you will receive directly from your landlord where you have booked your accommodation.

Tickets are limited – the online-registration is possible till April 18th 2017

When the registration has been completed correctly with a payment, you will receive a confirmation with a booking number. Print or save the confirmation in case of enquiry.

The registration can be completed even if the license plate is not yet known.
It is possible to hand in the data of the license plate under announcement of your name and booking number up to 5 weeks before the event addressed to ticket@woertherseetreffen.at. The ticket will then be delivered by post.

The registration is closed!!

Important Information

Dont know the licence plate number?

If you don`t know your license plate number yet, you can still finish the subscription. You can hand in the license plate number together with your unique booking number later until April 18th 2017 by sending an email with all this information to: ticket@woertherseetreffen.at – your ticket will be sent to you via post then.

* The subscription documents will be sent to you after providing a valid license plate number. If time is too short to send you all documents in time, your ticket will be reserved at the Info Office in Reifnitz.

More than one Car?

You find a button at the checkout site to add another Car.

Conditions of participation

In case of my participation I agree to the non-liability conclusion of the event organiser for all possible damages of any kind. I will not exercise any claims against the event organiser, sponsors or residents for damages or injuries of any kind that may occur as a result of my participation. I agree that my data collected, any photo or video material, interviews in TV or radio broadcasting, photomechanic reproductions, advertisements, books, or films made of me – in relation to this event – may be used without my permission and without any financial claims.
I agree that the event organiser (township Maria Wörth) may use my personal data for information/promotion sendings.
I confirm that all of my personal data provided is correct, and that I won`t pass on my ticket to another person.
I am aware of the fact that falsifying or duplicating of the ticket is against the law and accusable.
I agree that the event organiser has the right to disqualify me in case of proven violation of the above obligations. (Piece of advice concerning data privacy act: Your personal data will be used machine-readable) !

The application and the charging is done by MaxFun Sports GmbH on account and by order of the event organisers !